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​The world's first
"Always On"
hypervisor-based forensic system
Who are we

Memory analysis tools are lacking.

Many are slow and not built for active memory inspection

Output from one tool typically needs to be manual imported into another

Traditional EDR solutions use agents inside of a possible hostile OS.

Bring your own platform

Zazen's flexible framework will integrate directly with any capable hypervisor so your business can leverage existing investments in infrastructure


Zazen takes a unique, agentless approach to end-point detection and response. Working from outside of your virtual machines instead of inside a potentially hostile OS, Zazen provides  reliable and detailed information about your virtual machine environment even when it is under attack

Integrate & Automate

Integrate with your SIEM, network automation, and ticketing systems. Create new tools or extend Zazen using its API. Better informed security systems using Zazen data will empower your team to make better decisions.

A unique and safe vantage point

Hi-Fi Data

 Traditional security tools all suffer from a fundamental flaw: to identify bad behavior, they rely on the OS to provide trustworthy data. Instead, Zazen exists outside of the VM, using a technique called introspection. This isolated vantage point reveals malware deceptions and even compromises deep within the OS.

Inventory Discovery

Every organization has different security requirements. Discover your inventory and tailor settings to match your policy.

How it works
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