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Our Team

Michael Grande [Managing Partner]

Michael holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance & Management from Providence College. Michael is the Managing Director of TBNG Consulting, a CT based IT Consulting Company. He previously served as the Vice President & Chief Lending Officer for a CT based Commercial Bank. He brings knowledge and expertise in the areas of corporate finance, financial reporting, cash management, interpretation of financial results, strategic planning and general business administration. Michael serves as Manager of Zentific and provides oversight to operations, financing and strategic development of the company.

Matthew Fusaro [Partner]

Matthew holds a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Connecticut. He has a long and successful history in network security, virtualization, and network infrastructure consulting. As a core member of the Zentific team he specializes in Linux & Windows system protection and memory forensics. Matthew is also an expert in virtual machine introspection. Merging these two fields has been his passion and has been a driving force in advancing Zentific's product offerings.

Russell Jancewicz [Partner]

Russell holds a Masters of Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Connecticut. He has operated in a wide range of positions at Zentific including user interface development, system software design, research and reverse engineering. He has many years of experience designing and building software utilized by thousands of daily users in higher education and managing complex systems.

Steven Maresca [Founder]

Steven possesses deep knowledge of OS and hypervisor internals, software development, systems design, and information security. Drawing upon these skills, Steven was engineering lead for Zentific’s DARPA Cyber Fast Track project. A long-time Xen community member since 2006, Steven is always eager to share his experiences and foster collaboration with peers. Previously he served as team lead for Identity and Access Management at the University of Connecticut. He has held past responsibilities including network and systems forensics, vulnerability management, firewall and packet shaping, incident response, and PCI compliance.

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