Reduce your footprint

Agent-less security protects you from sophisticated attacks that immediately disables traditional anti-malware programs. Zazen goes a step deeper than the rest and uses your hypervisor to get a complete view of your cloud instances.



No custom hypervisors

Zazen's flexible framework will integrate directly with any capable hypervisor so your business can leverage existing investments in infrastructure. Zazen currently supports Xen and XenServer and will soon have support for KVM, Hyper-V, and VMware.



Flexible policy management

Every organization has different needs when it comes to security. Zazen's flexible rule engine enables you to create a security policy that works for your organization. Strictly guard high value data or apply light monitoring to learn about system behavior.



Automate security

Integrate with your SIEM, network automation, and ticketing systems. Create new tools or extend Zazen using its API. Better informed security systems using Zazen data will empower your team to make better decisions.

Stack the deck in favor of defenders by converting attacks into action.


Apply protective measures across your entire infrastructure.

Defend hundreds of virtual machines and applications as a whole, not as individual instances.

Withstand targeted attacks more effectively and retain the ability to act.

Memory Introspection

Using memory introspection, we have an intimate understanding of application behavior within a virtual machine and its operating system.

Layered Security

Zazen's protection mechanisms are isolated, even if monitored resources are attacked. Zazen's layered approach can help you detect and contain subtle lateral movement of attackers. Strengthen your security posture by augmenting your current AV solutions.

Embedded Ready

Small embedded systems are ubiquitous in critical infrastructure, and they must be protected to ensure the safety and privacy of human life. Zazen is embedded ready and built for the ARM platform.

Zazen Features

Agent-less, Secure MonitoringNo service to install within your virtual machines
Kernel API & Integrity MonitoringObserve the OS/program boundary and the sanctity of the kernel
Data Access Monitoring Audit access to files and directories as well as data in memory
Terminate Malicious Processes Halt threatening activity at its root
Automated Incident Response Preserve evidence at the moment of attack
Custom Monitoring Policy Framework Create rules to be as permissive or as restrictive as needed
Proactive System Quarantine Move suspicious VMs away from production for analysis
Automated Alerting Create tickets and send emails/SMS to sound the alarm
3rd Party Logging & Monitoring Integration Emit data for use by your SIEM
Forensic Auditing Extract VM image and inspect event timelines
Webservice API Integrate with custom dashboards and automation
Role Based Access Control Delegate management and reporting to specific audiences
Citrix XenServer™ Support Deploy using Xenserver 7 and beyond
Xen Hypervisor Support Integrate with existing open-source Xen infrastructure