Private & Hybrid Clouds

Deployable Insight

Security should keep pace with your application deployment

One of the biggest reasons you deployed (or are thinking of deploying) a private cloud is to meet the demands of your business units in a timely fashion. Orchestration of infrastructure has given you the power to deploy an application upon request but security hasn't really kept up with this concept.  This has lead to a "Let's get it working and we'll secure it later." mentality. It also slows down projects and requires more staff to keep up with the dynamic changes inherent in a cloud deployment.

Public Clouds

Verify, Discover, & Be Compliant

A Dense Cloud is A Good Cloud

The security solution your organization provides to it's customers should not have significant impact on your ability to be efficient with your resources. In-guest security, monitoring, and support tools put unneeded strain on computing power and ultimately reduces the overall density the data center. This translates into money lost and missed opportunities. Zentific can help organizations maintain scale while allowing you to deliver differentiated services that keep you competitive.

Agent-less monitoring
Custom Monitoring Policy Framework
3rd Party Logging & Monitoring Integration
Webservice API
Forensic Auditing
Detect Misbehaving Tenants
Protect Your Reputation
Enhance Customer Support

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If you are providing public cloud services you need an edge. Licensing Zazen's technology will make you a stronger competitor and provide your customers the piece of mind that is highly sought after.